Do I have to be on Team-Based Pay or using the Team-Based Business Model to attend?

Nope! Anyone interested in creating predictable growth for their salon/spa/medspa and teams is urged to attend. That said, most of the owners and teams in attendance will be from Team-Based Pay companies. So TBPX24 is a FANTASTIC venue for you to “experience” what the Team-Based Business Model looks like from the people who live it on a daily basis.

I'm not on Team-Based Pay, but I think it may be a good fit for my salon/spa/medspa. Is TBPX24 the right place for me to learn about it?

100% yes! What's important to remember is that Team-Based Pay is just one small part of the Team-Based Business Model. TBPX24 will give you a real-world view into the profound impact this way of doing business can have on your company culture, profits, growth potential, and ability to rise above the competition. You’ll spend two days side-by-side with owners and teams who live these systems every day, as well as the team of experts who literally invented Team-Based Pay for the beauty industry. And to ensure you start your TBPX24 experience on the right foot, we've included two full days of “Team-Based Beginnings” sessions specifically for owners exploring the Team-Based Business Model for the first time.

What's the difference between Team-Based Experience and the Strategies Incubator Seminar

TBPX24 is a two-day, large-attendance event where you're going to “experience” what being Team-Based really means by learning and networking with the best-of-the-best Team-Based owners, teams, and educators. The agenda is PACKED with sessions to build better leaders, better teammates, and a better future for everyone. The Incubator Seminar is a four-day, small-attendance intensive training where you’ll take the deepest-dive possible into the inner-workings of Team-Based Pay and all the systems that drive it. They are two very different events, but both are a great starting point!

What types of businesses will be there?

At TBPX24, you'll find every type of beauty business you can imagine — salons, spas, medspas, barbershops, lash studios, blowdry bars, nail salons, etc. And they'll be there in every shape and size...from two-operator salons to multi-location chains with hundreds of employees.

Who should I bring?

TBPX24 is a TEAM event, so we encourage you to bring everyone! Owners, managers, service providers, front desk/guest care staff — they’re all invited! Only have yourself? No worries, there will be plenty of other single attendees, as well.

Our salon has booth renters/independent contractors. Is TBPX24 the right event for us?

If you plan on transitioning to an employee-based company with W2s, TBPX24 is the BEST event for you to attend! However, if you plan to continue having independent contractors in your company, most of the content TBPX24 will not apply to your current business model.

What's included with registration?

Each ticket includes the welcome reception, access to the exhibit area, all keynote and breakout sessions, the 2024 Team-Based Pay Awards Ceremony, TBP Awards After Party (you do NOT want to miss), light continental breakfast (Sunday/Monday), sit-down lunch (Sunday/Monday), and coffee/soft drink breaks during the event.

What is the format of the event?

TBPX24's new format for this year will be a fast-paced two days filled with general sessions breakouts, panel discussions, and long-form “deep dive” sessions. This year’s speaker roster will be featuring six of our favorite industry experts in addition to the Strategies team of coaches. And don’t forget about the 2024 Team-Based Pay Awards Ceremony and After Party on Sunday evening!

Where is TBPX24 being held?

We are excited to bring Team-Based Pay Experience back to San Antonio, TX, for 2024! We’ll be at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa. So whether you plan to sit by the pool, relax in the lazy river or venture into downtown San Antonio, we’re pretty confident you and your team will have a fabulous time! Our discounted room block will book up fast, so be sure to lock in your accommodations on the “venue” page of this site!

Is there an event discount at the hotel?

There sure is! Head over to the venue page to find a link to our group discount. Warning: October is one of San Antonio’s busiest seasons, and once our room block is gone, it’s gone! So grab your rooms now!

When is the next price increase?

Soon! To ensure you receive the lowest possible pricing, we highly recommend you grab your tickets now. » Register here.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes we do! Available for purchases of 3 tickets or more, you now can spread your total balance across equal monthly payments, with the final balance due in September of 2024 — or sooner if you choose. And it's interest-free! » Start your payment plan here.

When will the full agenda be released?

Very soon! We are just putting the finishing touches on it now. Check back soon!

What are the hours of the event?

Sessions will run 9am-5pm on Sunday and Monday. The 2024 Team-Based Pay Awards Ceremony & After Party will run from 7:30-11:00pm on Sunday evening.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can find all that information on our cancellation policy page.

Will there be exhibits there?

There sure will! We couldn’t bring this event to you without the tremendous support of our sponsors. That’s why every year, we feature a small “invitation-only” sponsor exhibit area comprised of companies we feel best support and align with Strategies’ systems and the needs of you, our clients.

Will there be a live stream feed?

While we’ll never say never, Team-Based Experience is currently only available as an in-person “experience.” See what we did there? ;-)

Have additional questions? We're here to help! Just reach out to Christy Harty at [email protected] and she will be happy to assist!