Why should you attend TBPX24 if you're on Team-Based Pay?

You decided to be Team-Based because you wanted to create better opportunities for your team, yourself, and your company.

Those opportunities probably included things like...

  • Financial growth and stability for your company.
  • Greater income for you and your team.
  • A motivating and clearly defined career path for your current and future team members.
  • Better work/life balance.
  • An inspiring work environment.

But did you ever stop to think if you were dreaming big enough?

Or even worse, has your current thinking been holding you back from achieving or striving for those goals?

This year, TBPX24 is all about getting you and everyone on your team to dream bigger and start thinking limitless.

Featuring a new diversified format, TBPX24 will be two jam-packed days of "actionable" and "interactive" sessions to get you thinking differently and on the path to achieving your best tomorrow.

This includes longer "deep dive" sessions for both leaders and team designed to spark thinking around:

  • Limitless communication
  • Limitless career growth
  • Limitless fuel (to drive the company and yourself)
  • Limitless culture

You'll also get to choose from a packed schedule of additional breakout sessions taught by both the Strategies team and a hand-picked group of industry experts.

These will be "in the trenches" breakouts addressing the issues that are relevant to your Team-Based business on a day-to-day basis…

Issues that are relevant to the future of your company…

Issues that perhaps you've drifted away from in your Team-Based journey, and it's time to get them back on track.

And speaking of Team-Based, this year's schedule will also feature a dedicated "Team-Based Beginnings" track...these sessions are perfect for both companies looking to explore Team-Based Pay for the first time or anyone looking to get a refresher on its core inner workings.

Ready to unlock your limitless potential?

Grab your tickets now for the 2024 Team-Based Pay Experience, and come join the largest gathering of Team-Based salons, spas, and medspas as we explore what limitless can look like for you, your team, and your company.

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