Why should you attend TBX24 if you're NOT on Team-Based Pay?

Let's start with five simple questions...

  • Are you tired of feeling like no matter how hard you work on your company, the outcomes, culture, and profit margin always seem the same?
  • Are you scared of losing your top producers to rental and suites?
  • Are you tired of handing out commission checks to staff members who show little-to-no interest in driving company growth?
  • Are you tired of renting chairs and wondering why you guaranteed a bank loan/lease to open a business where no one needs to follow your rules or help you grow?
  • Are you ready to start building momentum towards a better future for you, your team, and your company?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you're not alone.

But the good news is, there's a better way to do business, and it starts with a simple word...


And if you want to "be" team, you need to "pay" team

That's what Team-Based Pay is all about.

At the Team-Based Pay Experience, you'll experience the Team-Based Business Model in action, and gain a deeper understanding of the massive income and growth potential that it offers you, your company, and your team. You'll also gain clarity on why "the pay" is just one small element of the systems, thinking, and behaviors that make up the Team-Based Business Model.

Watch these videos to see what Team-Based Pay looks like in action...

As these videos clearly portray, the power of the Team-Based Business Model lies in everyone's excitement and commitment to helping the business grow. They understand that if you want to go far, you go together.

Register now for TBPX24, and experience how the Team-Based Business Model…

  • Produces consistent bottom-line profits
  • Offers a pay program that empowers your team — and that you can afford
  • Lets you take home the paycheck you deserve as a business owner
  • Creates clients loyal to the business — not to an individual
  • Builds a team culture that's fueled and rewarded by growth
  • Provides bulletproof systems to ensure consistency
  • Dramatically reduces the lure of booth rental and suite from your staff

Dive into Team-Based Pay with the originators.

Strategies created Team-Based Pay and the Team-Based Business Model for salons, spas, and medspas over thirty years ago. Since that time, we have taught the program to thousands of owners and managers…both in the classroom and working hands-on through our coaching program.

Our team of Certified Strategies Coaches (CSCs) represents the brightest business minds in the industry. No one becomes a CSC without mastering the Team-Based Business Model within their own business.

…And you'll have access to them ALL at TBPX24.

You'll also get the opportunity to network with hundreds of owners and teams currently using the Team-Based Business Model.

Some things TBPX24 is not…

  • TBPX24 is NOT just for those that are currently using the Team-Based Business Model: Every session you attend will have pertinent information that you can apply to your company. In fact, this year we'll have two entire days of breakouts specifically for attendees who are not on Team-Based Pay yet.
  • TBPX24 is NOT just about pay: As any successful Team-Based owners in attendance will attest, changing how you pay has very little to do with your success as a Team-Based company. At TBPX24, you'll learn the systems, thinking, and behaviors that DRIVE the pay and make it work.
  • TBPX24 is NOT two days of "too good to be true" information: Everything you'll hear is producing incredible results in salons, spas, and medspas every day. In fact, many of those businesses and their teams will be in attendance for you to network with and learn from.
  • TBPX24 is NOT two days of "old and repeated" information: We put in a lot of effort to ensure you're getting our most "cutting edge" content. All the breakout session topics were developed by pooling together the most common pitfalls our Certified Strategies Coaches encounter throughout the year. We know what you need to work on because we see it working with hundreds of Team-Based companies each month!

The Team-Based Business Model works

Now is your chance to gain a better understanding of it from the originators AND network with some of the country's most successful Team-Based salon, spa, and medspa owners.

Invest in your future, your company's future, and your staff's future.

The investment will pay for itself tenfold.

But remember, ticket prices will continue to increase up until the event.

Register now, or pay more later!

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